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Project Sort Funding Amount Constructor Implementer
Golf lounge in Sungju PF ABS 39 bil. Lotte Processing Co. Yeonwoo Development
Imgwang Construction APT in Sangha-ri, Yongin PF ABS 59 bil. Imgwang Construction Gongpyung Co.
Arcade apartment in Songpa PF ABS 26 bil. Samwhan Co. Korea Daewha Housing
Ski Dom in Sang-dong, Bucheon PF ABS 55 bil. Kukdong Construction Jungin Core
Apartment-style plant in Youngtong, Suwon PF ABS 50 bil. Koryo Development Co. Domos Prime
Samhwan Yeoksam Art Nouveau PF ABS 37 bil. Samhwan Co. C&C Hitek
6 offices of Daewoo Vending PF ABS 135.7 bil. Daewoo Automobile Sales/Construction 5 companies including Hyunjin Construction
Apartment in Bumo-dong, Daegu Project
96 bil. World Construction Seven Development
Apartment in tanbang-dong, Daejun PF ABS 31 bil. Samhwan Co. Idea Plan
Apartment in Shindaebang-dong, Dongjak-gu PF ABS 38 bil. World Construction Storm D&M
Apartment-style plant, Gasan-dong, Guro-gu PF ABS 25 bil. Im-Gwang Construction Woorim Holdings Co.
Complex PF ABS 40 bil. Im-Gwang Construction DCM Group
Apartment of Samsan-dong residential union, Inchon PF ABS 29 bil. Im-Gwang Construction Samsan-dong residential union


Project Sort Funding Amount Constructor Implementer
Arcade apartment in Changjun-dong, Mapo New Construction Project Financing 25 bil. Hanhwa Construction Dream Valley
Apartment in Gyeyang, Incheon New Construction Project Finance 31 bil. Kyungnam Co. Hana D&C
Mapo Acro Tower Securitization Limited Co. PF ABS 45 bil. Koryo Development Co. JS D&M
Dongmun Good Morning Hill Apartment in Yongin Project Financing 37 bil. Dongmun Construction Chungsol Construction
Maxpet Theme shopping mall Financial Consulting 20 bil. Samsung Home ENC. Maxpet
Coca-Cola building site, Doksan-dong Financial Consulting 50 bil. - Best E&C
Sungwon Sante-Vill Apartment,Jukgok, Daegu Financial Consulting 35 bil. Sungwon Construction Hanlee Construction