Projects & Structured Finance
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Project Financing

Financial consulting and arrangement for apartments and studios

Support various work entailing deposit investment and project start-up


Securitization of PF lending bond

Securitization of capital necessary for development projects

Real Estate Fund

Launched real estate investment fund (allowed under new Indirect Investment Asset Management Business Act)

Use funds in real estate projects

Real Estate Asset Management

PF ABS Asset Management & Service

ABL, Private Offering ABS

Securitization of corporate sales bond

Securitization of machinery and equipment

Securitization of real estate owned by companies

Securitization of real estate of companies and facilities

Construction cost bond financing, etc.


Financial consulting

Recruit passive investors

Procure capital from other parties

Search for real estate for REIT (real estate investment trust) and financial consulting

Deal structuring and investor recruitment


Arrange lending for midterm deposit for apartment

Financial consulting for real estate M&A

Syndication loan sell-down

Construction cost bond financing, etc.